The best hair dryer

Before buying anything it is common to gather information about the product, especially if it concerns technology or our health: a hair dryer is no exception. On this page we explain which is the best hair dryer based on different needs and hair types.

In fact, there is no absolute best hair dryer: on the contrary, in the choice you need to consider some factors, including the type of hair.

The best hair dryer needs to have specific features

Before going into detail, however, we should know that regardless of the type of hair, there are some elements to evaluate in a hair dryer, which make it better than others. For example, it is good that a high quality hair dryer:

  • has a jet of hot and cold air, respectively for drying and fixing the hair;
  • allows different drying speeds;
  • is lightweight and easy to handle, especially for professionals who use it several hours a day;
  • is energy saving;
  • is equipped with ionic and ceramic technology, so as not to affect the health of the hair during drying; 
  • is silent, to prevent annoyance and stress for professionals.

Choosing the best hair dryer for your hair type

The range of Parlux hair dryers is designed to meet the most diverse professional needs, but also for individuals who want an optimal result that preserves the health of the hair. Here, then, are a couple of examples on how to evaluate which hair dryer is best suited to us.

Straight hair: in this case, the best hair dryer is equipped with a nozzle that allows, during the brushing phase, to shape the hair and the hairstyle at every point. In the first phase of drying, in fact, it is better to use it without a nozzle, so as to remove all excess water from the hair.

Curly hair: on the contrary, for curly hair, it is good to apply a diffuser to the hair dryer, so that the air, held constantly at medium speed, expands equally over the entire surface of the hair.


Discover Parlux hair dryers


Some of the best hair dryers from Parlux

In making its hair dryers, Parlux has incorporated the features of the best hair dryers out there, including Ionic & Ceramic® technology, which eliminates static electricity from the hair, or Eco Friendly® technology, which fights noise pollution with a built-in silencer.

Some of the top hair dryers from Parlux are:

Parlux Alyon®

Specially designed to meet the needs of professionals, it provides excellent performance, durability and usability. Thanks to a more advanced ion technology AIR IONIZER TECH, it is ideal for delicate hair because it dries them gently and naturally.


Features that make the Parlux Alyon® one of the best hair dryers on the market today include:

  • ergonomic and lightweight design
  • AIR IONIZER TECH technology that combines negative ions and ceramic
  • power: 2,500 watts
  • HFS hair capture system
  • 2 speeds
  • 4 temperatures

Parlux Advance®

Innovative and professional, it features the K-ADVANCE® motor that delivers above-average performance and increased power and durability. With the addition of a diffuser, it is ideal for curly hair.



Among its main features

  • lightness and quietness
  • Ionic & Ceramic® technology
  • Eco Friendly® technology
  • Power: 2,200 watts
  • 4 temperatures
  • 2 speeds

Parlux 3200® Plus

Power and suction are the basis of the technological restyling of this lightweight, quiet and handy hair dryer that, with the addition of a nozzle, is particularly suitable for drying straight hair.


Key benefits include:

  • new suction concept, which optimizes drying thanks to a higher air flow rate
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • 1,900 Watt power
  • 2 speeds
  • 4 temperatures


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