Hairdryers to get wavy hair: is there a specific model?


The hairdryers are not all the same and often their power alone is not enough as an indication of a good hairdryer to obtain wavy hair. What is the perfect hairdryer to shape waves?

Is there a specific hairdryer to get wavy hair? The answer is yes. There are in fact certain technical features that make a hairdryer perfect for this particular type of hair style.

Although in summer is pleasant drying your hair in the sun after a nice swim in the sea, there are hairdryers that shape the waves just like after a day at the beach. Let's see what they are.


Technical features of hairdryers for wavy hair

We always recommend focusing on professional hairdryers, that are performing and safe from every point of view. There is nothing better than being able to count on a hairdryer that respects all hair types and preserves their health.

To be perfect for wavy hair, a hairdryer must have however some specific features.

A quality and light diffuser for thicker waves, or a spout for more outstretched waves

The “must have” accessory of every hairdryer for wavy hair is certainly the diffuser: distributing the air flow evenly, it maintains the soft shape of your natural wavy hair.


A news from Parlux: the MagicSense Diffuser, for a wonderful natural effect without messing up.

To obtain more stretched beach waves, it’s important to insert the spout instead of the diffuser and dry your hair with the help of your hands or of a round brush, finishing your hairstyle with your head down, in this way you’ll obtain much more volume.


A good combination between power and air flow

A hairdryer for wavy hair must have a good combination of power and air flow, to guarantee constant and precise drying. To obtain perfect waves, in fact, it is better to avoid a too powerful air flow: choose a model that allows you to keep the power under control.


A plus? Ion technology for even better drying

For any kind of wavy hair, the risk is to be frizzy, especially if there is some humidity in the air.

A hairdryer with negative ions, allows you to perfectly dry your hair without the frizzy effect, leaving it well defined for a long time.

It is an optional hairdryer feature that makes the difference for wavy frizzy hair.


Recommended models for wavy hair

Which are the best Parlux hairdryers for wavy hair? In fact, all Parlux models are, as they guarantee the necessary power and the best combination between temperature and air flow.

For wavy, soft and defined hair, we suggest these models.

The ion technology model: Parlux Alyon®


A real concentrate of technology and innovation in any detail.

Don't miss the new PARLUX ALYON® (in the new Midnight Blue Color) + MAGICSENSE®, the special diffuser that dries without messing.

You can find it in an exclusive, elegant, limited-edition package for 2020.

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Professional performances: Parlux Advance®


Thanks to the K-ADVANCE® motor, this model assures superior performances, great power and long-life of the product.

The Parlux ADVANCE® is a technological research concentrate able to satisfy the most demanding hairdresser’s professional requests while preserving the environment and energy consumption.

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Parlux 3200 Plus: more silent and powerful

The technological restyling of the Parlux 3200® PLUS combines the power with a new concept of suction, ensuring greater silence and faster drying. Redesigned for an even more professional experience.

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These are some of the suggested Parlux models for wavy hair but the all the Parlux models in the range are so versatile as to perfectly dry every hair type. Hundreds of professional hairdressers testify all that.

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