Low consumption hair dryers for a greener salon: discover the Parlux models


Now more than ever, each of us is able and have to do his part to safeguard the planet, even with the smallest daily actions. What are the first steps to reduce the environmental impact of a non-optimal energy consumption hair dryer? Choose renewable energy sources and use energy-efficient tools. If you own a hair salon, your choice can only fall on professional Eco-Friendly hairdryers.

Often when you consider the energy consumption, you tend to think that the biggest impact on your bill is due to lighting. In that way we forget other devices absorbing as much energy and which, in addition, we use much more frequently: the perfect example is the hairdryer, a device that proportionally affects the counter more, especially when we make a disproportionate use of it.

Low-energy hairdryers help to reduce the energy used. These hairdryers, in fact, in addition to lowering the amount of bills, greatly reduce the impact on the environment, contributing to the path to a greener world.

Energy savings and excellent performance: two essential elements

To ensure that a hairdryer consumes little electricity, there are two main solutions: using a higher (but still controlled) power to reduce drying times for each customer, or focusing on slightly less power, but optimal drying.

Adding the savings obtained for each customer served throughout the day, you will get a remarkable result.

Which is the best low-power professional hairdryer?

In general, the technology developed by Parlux for all their hairdryers manages the energy resources very well. But for hairdressers looking for a professional “green” (Eco- Friendly) hairdryer, we especially recommend these models.

This is the “greenest” Parlux model: the professional hairdryer Parlux 3800® Eco-Friendly® reinforces the main Parlux long-lasting feature, together with an increased power.

Parlux 3800 Ecofriendly®: power 2100 watt

The Parlux 3800 Eco-Friendly® retains the main features of silence, balance and easy-handling of the best-selling Parlux models. The power of this specific model allows for a drying and hairstyle setting in a very short time, optimizing the electricity consumption.

Available in the black, green, silver, red and purple versions.

Discover Parlux 3800 Ecofriendly®


Parlux 1800 Eco Edition: power 1400 watt

Outstanding results with a more moderate power: the Parlux 1800 Eco Edition professional hairdryer offers long-life, easy-handling and sturdiness, highly appreciated features by any professional hairdressers. Ideal for those who want a professional and trendy hairdryer, with low voltage and low electricity consumption.

Available in these colored versions: silver, green, black and red.

Discover Parlux 1800 Eco Edition


Parlux ALYON®: power 2,250 watt, super fast hair drying

The drastic reduction in drying times guaranteed by the Parlux ALYON® allows for a very reduced energy consumption.

It is an innovative, technologically advanced and "futuristic" professional hairdryer. Thanks to the K-ADVANCE® PLUS motor, it provides superior performance for more power and long-life. Parlux ALYON® is a concentration of technological research that increasingly meets the demands of hairdressers in terms of professional hairdryers, safeguarding, energy consumption and the environment protection.

Available in different versions:  jade, matte black, turquoise, pink, yellow, green, coral, bronze, matte graphite.

Discover Parlux ALYON®


Parlux's commitment to the environment

Parlux has thought about the environment not only in the field of energy savings, but also the environmental protection.

Our professional hairdryers:

  • Are conceived from highly recyclable raw materials. All components are completely regenerable, free of harmful elements and painted with non-toxic paints;
  • They guarantee low noise pollution. Thanks to a technology that greatly reduces the noise perceived by the professional and the customer;
  • They are completely ozone friendly. During drying, at any speed and temperature, there is no harmful emission;
  • They are packaged with Eco-Friendly packaging and documentation. They are all made and printed on recycled cards and cartons, 100% biodegradable.

Make your salon Eco-Friendly with Parlux!

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