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The perfect hair drying with the hairdressers’ tips

How many times it happened that you discovered you’ve been making a certain operation for all time long in a wrong way? Believe it or not, the correct way to dry hair is one of them. Here are some tips on how to get a perfect hair drying according to the hair experts.

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Hairdryers: the best purchase for your hair health

The hairdryer is the best purchase that professionals and not can do to protect each own hair health and the one of customers. This statement seems to be an obvious one but is it so easy finding out the right hairdryer which won’t damage your hair? In case you have any uncertainties, you could play it safe buying a professional Parlux hairdryer.

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The men’s perfect hairdryer is a Parlux one

Delicacy, light-weight and balanced power: you can find the perfect features of a men’s hairdryer in the Parlux ARDENT®; the most requested barber hairdryer by Italian hair stylists specializing in men's hairstyles. Find it out with us.

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Hairdryers to get wavy hair: is there a specific model?

The hairdryers are not all the same and often their power alone is not enough as an indication of a good hairdryer to obtain wavy hair. What is the perfect hairdryer to shape waves?

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Professional hairdryers with ionic technology: features of the Parlux models

Professional hairdryers with negative ion have become a must for professional hairdressers and anyone who really cares about the health of their hair. Among all the negative ion hairdryers on the market, the Parlux models stand out for advanced technology, aesthetics and quality. But how are these models made and how do they work?

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What are the hairdresser's tools on which it is better to invest more?

Renewing or creating a business from scratch can be really expensive, when you consider the expenses that are needed for furnishings, hair products and all the tools of the trade. What are the investments that deserve the most attention?

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Immagine 2020 - Alyon + MagicSense

Parlux: always alongside the hairdressers with safe and effective new products!

New product 2020, the innovative MagicSense® diffuser together with the top of the hairdryers, Parlux ALYON®, now in the new Night Blue version

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How to choose a good hairdryer? Here are the factors you shouldn't give up

In addition to taking care of your hair with specific hair treatments and not skipping even an appointment at your hairdresser, it’s necessary to be constant and cuddle your hair every day. That’s why choosing the right hairdryer turns out to be a compulsory choice.

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Why choose Italian hairdryers for your salon

If you are reading this article, it is because you are a professional looking for quality tools for your salon. You may also be wondering if the formula "Made in Italy = quality" is still valid. Do not worry, we confirm it, as we understand quality in production.

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Are you looking for a light-weight and powerful hairdryer? Choose these technologically advanced models

More and more professional hairdressers are looking for hairdryers which may make their work less tiring as possible, maintaining however, excellent performances even after several hours of work. All this is already a reality, and the best hairdryers on the market make everything much easier.

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Low consumption hair dryers for a greener salon: discover the Parlux models

Now more than ever, each of us is able and have to do his part to safeguard the planet, even with the smallest daily actions. What are the first steps to reduce the environmental impact of a non-optimal energy consumption hair dryer? Choose renewable energy sources and use energy-efficient tools. If you own a hair salon, your choice can only fall on professional Eco-Friendly hairdryers.

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Parlux ALYON® hairdryers: quality, design and bright colors at the ISSE trade fair in Long Beach (USA)

Success and great interest for Parlux attendance at the first foreign 2020 trade exhibition

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Hairdryers on show at ON HAIR 2019, TORINO

The hairstylist Mario Firriolo and his team presented their special hair fashion show realized with the help of the Parlux ALYON® hairdryers.

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PARLUX, the important Italian brand at the Moscow BeautyDayPro

Seminars, congresses and specific laboratories by the most famous hairstylists in Russia

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Parlux: the best hairdryers on show at Cosmoprof Asia 2019

As usual, great interest for the new Parlux hairdryers: Parlux ALYON® and Parlux 3200®

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Parlux hairdryers at the Beauty World Saudi Arabia 2019

Even in Saudi Arabia, a highly sought-after Italian brand

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On 17th-18th November 2019 Parlux fans cannot miss a visit to the Parlux booth at the Pala Alpitour in Turin.

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Parlux ALYON hair dryers at the Intercharm exhibition in MOSCOW

Also on this occasion, the hair dryers of the famous Italian manufacturer caught the interest of Russian and Eastern Europe professionals

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