Parlux: Made in Italy

Dear hairdressers,
PARLUX is an Italian trademark synonym of seriousness and quality in the production of professional tools for hairdressers for over 32 years, very well-known and appreciated in the domestic and International hair world, (their hairdryers are distributed in more than 60 countries in the world) reached the significant record of 16 millions of hairdryers produced during the years.

All PARLUX products are conceived and completely realized in Italy by their factory in Trezzano sul Naviglio (Milan) where, before being delivered to the professional market, they are tested and controlled by the internal research laboratory.

Their entire production process is made in Italy exclusively; another important reason to choose the best hairdryers really “made in Italy”.

Countefeit Warning

Unfortunately there are many counterfeit Parlux hairdryers on the market that can be confused with the real product, causing anger and frustration when being used and not working to standard and even breaking down after a short period of time.

In order not to find yourself in this predicament, we would suggest you keep in mind these important details at the time of purchase.

At first sight the dryer may look original but if you look very carefully, you will notice the difference from the original Parlux:

  • the Parlux logo on the dryer is often very different from the original Parlux one;
  • the electric and electronic components ( e.s. the switches) are very different in graphics and size;
  • rear grille and frontal mesh are normally a different colour and sometimes even made of different materials;
  • the colour chart of the Parlux hairdryers in commerce is exclusively listed at the website or in the official Parlux catalogues, any other colour found is evidence of a counterfeit.
  • the excessive low price asked against that of the original Parlux.

If you are in any doubt at all about the authenticity of the Parlux product, please contact us before the actual purchase.

Parlux can not be held responsable for any defect or malfunctioning of counterfeit products but in order to protect their products will take immediate legal action against illegal production and commercialization of non-original products.