A hairdryer which does not dry the hair? Here are the recommended models

hairdryer which does not dry the hair

It may happen to everybody the fact of drying your hair without obtaining a perfect result…You look yourself in the mirror and your good mood vanishes in front of a frizzy and indomitable hair. Luckily nothing is unsolvable: just use a hairdryer which does not dry the hair, like the Parlux models that we propose in this article.

Very dry hair presents a dry and dull look, creating a sort of "straw effect" on the tips which tend to break easily thus giving rise spit ends.

Fortunately, the solution already exists: choose hairdryers models equipped with negative ion technology (if you have curly hair do not forget to use the diffuser!).


Parlux, the hairdryer which does not dry the hair

Over the years several technological news have been created, among them the most extraordinary one is the Ionic & Ceramic® system from which the modern hairdresser nowadays cannot do without; in fact, it allows for very quick, better dryings while protecting the hair.

But which are these hairdryers?  Here they are:


Parlux Alyon®, the hair dryer that does not dry hair preferred by professionals


Over forty years of studies and technological experience in the industry, led Parlux to develop the new Parlux Alyon®, the excellence professional hairdryer

  • New professional K-Advance Plus® motor
  • Air Ionizer Tech, technology optimizing the negative ion emission while eliminating the hair static electricity
  • 2.250 Watt power
  • 84 m3/h air flow
  • Available also in the version with the Parlux MagicSense® diffuser

Discover Parlux Alyon®


Parlux Advance®, technological advanced offering high level performances


It is a power and technology concentrate but also offers ergonomics in shape and less noise. Its lightened up components allow for a hairdryer which is very light , easy -to-use and that does not excessively dry the hair.

  • K-ADVANCE® motor superior performances
  • Anti-heating front body
  • Ionic&Ceramic® technology  against the static electricity of hair
  • 2.200 Watt  power
  • 83m3/h  air flow


Discover Parlux Advance®


Parlux 385 PowerLight®, for styling in record time

phon-che-non-secca-i-capelli-parlux-powerlightLess noise and energy savings become synonimous of the perfect and quick hair drying. Some of the technological features with which it is realized:

  • K-Lamination® motor
  • Ionic&Ceramic® technology which does not dry the hair
  • 2.150 Watt power
  • 79 m3/h air flow


Discover Parlux 385 PowerLight®


Parlux 3800 EcoFriendly®, professional results respecting the environment

phon-che-non-secca-i-capelli-parlux-ecofriendlyDistinguished by the “Eco-Friendly Parlux Product” brand name, the Parlux 3800 EcoFriendly® is a highly technological hairdryer that combines performance and low consumption.

  • K-Lamination® motor
  • Ionic&Ceramic® technology
  • Low noise pollution and low energy consumption
  • Built-in silencer
  • 2.100 Watt power
  • Air flow 75 m3/h


Discover Parlux 3800


Parlux Ardent®, the hairdryer that does not dry hair, beard and mousteches

phon-che-non-secca-i-capelli-parlux-ardentFor men and modern Barber Shop, Parlux developed a specific hairdryer drying hair, beard and moustaches in a very quick way avoiding frizz.

  • New professional motor AC
  • Air Ionizer Technology
  • New variable  geometry heating element
  • Power 1.800 Watt
  • Air flow 61 m3/h


Discover Parlux Ardent®


How is it made a hairdryer that does not dry the hair too much?

To be sure not to spoil or make your hair frizzy, always choose hairdryers presenting the negative ion technology as those listed above.

The reason is very simple, the combination effect of ceramics and negative ion ensures that the heat is radiated from the hairdryer directly into the hair without drying its outside part.

From a technical point of view, the water drops are transformed into micro-molecules, which being absorbed by the hair, make it shiny, soft and healthy.


The hairdryer which desn’t excessively dry the hair is a Parlux one.

Compare all models here!

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