How to choose a good hairdryer? Here are the factors you shouldn't give up


In addition to taking care of your hair with specific hair treatments and not skipping even an appointment at your hairdresser, it’s necessary to be constant and cuddle your hair every day. That’s why choosing the right hairdryer turns out to be a compulsory choice.

So, you chose to invest in the health and beauty of your hair. Very well! As said before several times, your hair’s health also depends on the type of hairdryer that you choose. A tool which doesn’t dehydrate the fibers, does not burn the hair and keep it smooth and shiny.

Difficult? Not at all, if you choose the right hairdryer.

How can you choose a good hairdryer that keeps your hair healthy?

Let’s start by saying that a good hairdryer, in order to be such, must have certain technical features, for example:

  • It must be silent
  • It  must present a ceramics, ion technology
  • It has to be light-weight and easy-to-handle to avoid the operator’s wrist and arms  sufferings caused by a prolongued use
  • It has to be an energy saving tool

Let's take a closer look at these features which will be useful to you in choosing your hairdryer.


In choosing a good hairdryer, please do not underestimate the quietness. Especially if your hair care routine takes place late at night, after dinner, and maybe at the end of a stressful day. Any noise becomes annoying – even for your neighbors! Also think about when you are sitting at your hairdresser salon: isn't it great a silent hairdryer that allows you to converse without screaming and without that irritable background buzz?

Ionic and Ceramic Technology

The use of the ionic and ceramic technology allows you to say goodbye to the hair frizzy effect because the combination of ceramics and negative ions permits you to accelerate dryings and radiate heat directly inside the hair, without drying it externally or weakining it - in fact the water molecules are absorbed and make the hair soft and shiny.

Light-weight and easy to handle

After a busy day, we don't need to resort to a heavy and difficult to handle hairdryer. Who has the strength? For this reason, lightness cannot be missing from the list of items to evaluate on how to choose a good hairdryer.

Energy saving

Often you don’t think about it, but even the energy saving indicates a good hairdryer. In fact, if you use it every day or very often, its being energy saving may be a positive note. Moreover, hair professionals who use it from morning to evening, take this factor into account when choosing a good professional hairdryer.

Some Parlux hairdryers

Does it seem impossible that a single hairdryer may have all these features? We have to tell you that in any Parlux hairdryer you’ll find them all!


Here are some recommended Parlux models:

  • Parlux Alyon® + MagicSense®, the latest Parlux model, a concentrate of technology and innovation that permits you to say goodbye to the frizz effect – and if you have curly hair, just use it in combination with the MagicSense Diffuser®; you’ll get a natural effect in a while, without messing up the hair
  • Parlux Advance®, lighter and more ergonomic, it assures superior performances thanks to the innovative K-ADVANCE® motor, respecting your hair health
  • Parlux Ardent®, with Air Ionizer Tech (negative ions technology) is ideal for men wishing to dry beards and moustaches too
  • Parlux 385 PowerLight®, powerful, light-weight, with a built-in silencer, is available in various trendy colors.


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