Offering itself the ideal partner to work alongside with the most up-to-date hairdressers, PARLUX complies with their most demanding needs by offering a wide range of professional tools designed to satisfy the specific requirements of high performance and reliability. A modern and dynamic company that offers innovative technologies in design, assembly, testing and assistance concerning professional products aimed at demanding and continuously evolving customers.


The PARLUX design has always been inspired by a clean aesthetic profile, with clear lines and simple geometric shapes, that guarantee perfect ergonomics and simplicity of use.

"Simplicity" is the feature that distinguishes the "beauty" of the PARLUX products, together with being made of high-quality and modern materials, thus making it a leader over the years.

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  • Respect is the fundamental value that characterizes all the Company's activity.
  • Respect for our customers, continually investing in improving the quality and the features of our products including noise reduction;
  • Respect for our national and international Partners, building long-term relationship with them;
  • Respect for all the employees, who work daily inside the company recognizing and enhancing the characteristics of all of them;
  • Respect for the traders, acknowledging their rights;
  • Respect for the Environment Working, using the pholosophy "Eco Friendly".
Quality and durability

It's the main feature of PARLUX products.
Especially for hairdryers, quality is an important feature starting from the design stage and is applied to every single component to provide:

  • reliability, the high quality level of each tool, so users don't notice any difference when using our various products
  • durability, every motor used by PARLUX guarantees at least of 2000 hours of trouble-free operation;
  • efficiency, the maximum of air power expressed in cubic meters/hour, with variable output and calibrated temperature balance;
  • silence, disturbance-free and noiseless motor;
  • balance, no vibration;
  • light, minimum user-fatigue;
  • strong materials, including the outer casing, to prevent breakages from falls or accidental impact.
  • security, respecting the strictest national and international standards (EN 60335-1 – EN 60335-2-23) depending on models, certified by the IMQ, SASO, CSA, SGS, TUV, CCC, PCBC, KUCAS, SISIR, SIRIM, compliant with the strictest health and safety standards after rigorous testing, which PARLUX possesses for the peace of mind of the user;
  • quality, for Parlux S.p.A.’s Quality Management System (Organisation) is certified under Standard UNI EN ISO 9001 –Quality Management Systems by the certifying body IMQ.
    Our Quality Management System aims to achieve ongoing improvement of company activities, adapting them in response to customers’ requirements and guaranteeing a common organisational standard cutting across all the company’ssystems, in the context of the way we work and the logic of our processes.
    Studio Liboni e Luperi has been concerned with maintaining our ISO 9001 Certification and coming up with projects for improvement since 1997.
    ISO 9001 certified company