Power and air flow of the hairdryer: features to be considered before buying

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Have you ever thought about power and air flow before buying the perfect hairdryer for you? If you have never done it, we recommend you to start right away because they are two essential features to dry hair without weaken it. Reading this article, you’ll discover the best Parlux models to get a professional hairstyle.

The perfect hairstyle depends on many different matters and the hairdryer is the first of them is: is it a professional one? Does it quickly dry hair without drying it? Is it an energy saving tool?

These are all the questions to be asked before buying one. The fact that often we do not consider carefully is the power of the hairdryer and its right balance with the air flow.


Recognizing a professional hairdryer by its power and air flow: the Parlux range

Please consider that generally a good professional hairdryer presents:

  • A power between 1800 and 2500 Watt
  • It is equipped with switches that regulate the air flow temperature
  • It is Energy saving – very important for professionals using this tool all day long

Does it seem impossible finding all these features in a single hairdryer? You’re wrong! Just choose the Parlux models such as:

  • Parlux Alyon®
  • Parlux Advance®
  • Parlux 3200® Plus


Parlux Alyon®, power and very high performances

potenza-phon-parlux-alyonParlux Alyon® is the technological result of forty years of Parlux experience in hairdryers and is much appreciated by professionals.

  • New professional K-Advance® AC motor
  • Variable geometry heating element
  • Negative Ion technology
  • HFS Patented system to keep the hairdryer always clean and efficient
  • 2.250 Watt power
  • Air flow 84 m3/h
  • Available also with the Parlux MagicSense® diffuser



Parlux Advance®, power and low consumption in a single hairdryer

potenza-phon-parlux-advance This hairdryer is a real technological concentrate of power and superior performances which do not negative affect the energy bill. Parlux Advance®, in fact, is a hairdryer with low energy consumption and low noise pollution, designed to be used every day for prolonged periods. 

  • K-Advance® motor
  • Anti-heating front body
  • Negative ion, Ionic & Ceramic® Technology
  • 2.200 Watt power
  • Air flow 83 m3/h
  • Built-in silencer
  • Model equipped with 2 new Parlux Advance® nozzles for a quick coupling



Parlux 3200® Plus, more power and suction

potenza-phon-parlux-3200-plusThe technological restyling has made it possible to improve some features, such as the power of the hairdryer, suction and silence.

  • Motor K-LAMINATION® 
  • Extreme Lightweight
  • Ergonomic shape and better comfort of use
  • Power of 1.900 Watt
  • Air flow di 71 m3/h
  • Equipped with two Parlux 3200® Plus quick-connection nozzles



Some additional information about the power of the hairdryer

The power of a hairdryer is expressed in Watts: it depends on the temperature levels, the air flow and the drying speed which should be fast and ensure the right degree of humidity without drying the hair.

In case of purchasing a new hairdryer, another fundamental element must be added to consider: the negative ion technology (Air Ionizer Tech o Ionic & Ceramic®) that you can find in a Parlux hairdryer.

The negative ions in fact, are fundamental to dry hair in a quick way eliminating the static electricity, without drying it too much: ceramics and negative ions radiate heat directly into the hair and preserve its natural moisture and shine.


Choose shiny and healthy hair: buy a professional hairdryer!

Compare all models and find the Parlux that suits you


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