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the best hairdryer

Buying a high quality hairdryer will make you save time in the morning before going out, it protects your hair health and your hairstyle will last longer. If you use it every day you really have to choose the best one. Ok, but which is the best hairdryer? Discover it in this article.

A professional hairdryer is certainly better than others because it allows a quick hair drying before drying the hair too much. If it also presents the ion and ceramics technology as well as a motor of the latest generation, it will be even better.

For instance, have a look at the best Parlux hairdryers: professionals, light-weight and silent.


Which is the best Parlux hairdryer?

If we talk about the best hairdryers, we have to list the range of the Parlux top models:

  • Parlux Alyon®
  • Parlux Advance®
  • Parlux Alyon® with MagicSense® diffuser


Parlux Alyon®


The Parlux Alyon® is classified as the best hairdryer for many reasons:

  • it is the result of 40 years of experience in the industry
  • it is equipped with the new professional K-Advance Plus® motor
  • It offers the Air Ionizer Tech technology, optimizing the negative ion emission thus eliminating the static electricity
  • its power is 2.250 Watt and the air flow is 84 m3/h


Parlux Advance® 


If you are looking for the best hairdryer, another option to be considered is the Parlux Advance® :

  • motor K-ADVANCE® for superior performances
  • anti-heating front body
  • Ionic&Ceramic® technology against the hair static electricity
  • Power 2.200 Watt and air flow of 83m3/h


And which is the best hairdryer for curly or wavy hair?

If you have wavy curly hair, the new Parlux Alyon® with MagicSense® with the antibacterial technology and the MagicSense® diffuser, allows you to obtain a natural effect without spoiling or messing up nor make the hair frizzy.



Which are the technical features of the best hairdryers?

Choosing a hairdryer is not always easy because many are the matters to be careful of. In fact, only the best hairdryers present:

  • The perfect combination between power and air flow
  • Ion technology and ceramics for a quick drying eliminating the hair static electricity without drying it too much
  • More silent to avoid unpleasant noises and hums during use
  • Light-weight and ergonomics, so that holding the hairdryer many hours per day may not cause pain in the arms as often happen to professionals
  • Eco-Friendly technology for reduction of drying times with consequent Energy savings
  • CE certifications regarding the safety of electrical appliances


Compare the hairdryers and buy the best one for you

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