Professional hairdryers with ionic technology: features of the Parlux models


Professional hairdryers with negative ion have become a must for professional hairdressers and anyone who really cares about the health of their hair. Among all the negative ion hairdryers on the market, the Parlux models stand out for advanced technology, aesthetics and quality. But how are these models made and how do they work?

Over the years, several technological innovations have been conceived, including one that the modern professional hairdresser cannot do without: the Ionic & Ceramic system. This innovation in the professional hairdryers industry has in fact allowed to speed up and improve drying, protecting the hair.

The Ionic & Ceramic system is now an integral part of all the latest Parlux professional hairdryers. Let's find out how they work!

How a professional ion hairdryer works

The combined features of the ceramic effect with the negative ion technology permit to radiate heat directly inside the hair without drying the external structure. This fact seems almost an impossible thing, doesn't it? And yet, thanks to the advanced technology of Parlux hairdryers, it is an absolutely easy result.

The hairdryer emits negative ions through its air flow, at any temperature level (the Parlux models offer up to 4 different temperatures). In this way, the water present on the hair does not evaporate, but is transformed to divide into micro molecules which are then absorbed directly by the hair.

Thanks to this process, drying times are reduced and the hair, in addition to being naturally more hydrated, undergoes less heat and brushing stress.

The results of an ionic professional hairdryer

In different words, this technology preserves the natural hydration of all hair types. Drying the hair with a hairdryer equipped with the ion technology will result in wonderfully shiny, soft and healthy hair.

Curly hair can finally say goodbye to frizz, smooth hair will be even softer and shiny, even without the use of specific styling products.

To maximize the results of negative ions you can always use the instant cold jet, a function that further helps to set the styling and make the hair more brilliant.

The Parlux ion hairdryers

Parlux manufactures top quality professional ion hairdryers, appreciated all over the world. Thanks to the long experience accumulated over 40 years of work, Parlux provides all its skills to give you the opportunity to choose only the best professional hairdryers.

Working with a Parlux hairdryer in your hands means having:

Cutting edge technologies

• Modern and innovative design

• Made in Italy certified quality

• Ease of use and comfort

• Quietness and reliability

If you are interested in adding a professional Parlux ion hairdryer among your salon instruments, do not miss the PARLUX ALYON® (in the new night blue color) Pack including MagicSense®, the special diffuser that dries without messing. You can find it in an exclusive and elegant limited edition packaging for 2020.

Otherwise discover the whole Parlux range to choose the one that best suits you!

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