Why choose Italian hairdryers for your salon

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If you are reading this article, it is because you are a professional looking for quality tools for your salon. You may also be wondering if the formula

Advanced technology and refined design: Italian hairdryers are a real certainty for those looking for quality tools to do their job better.

The experts agree that Parlux is the leading brand in the Italian hairdryer industry, synonymous with reliability and quality in the production of professional hairdressing appliances for over 40 years.

Parlux: always the best Italian hairdryers

The entire cycle of production of the Parlux hairdryers takes place exclusively in Italy, the home of high-quality products. We produce our hairdryers in the Trezzano sul Naviglio factory where, before placing them on the market, our research laboratory tests their quality and efficacy for strictly professional uses.


For your beauty salon, we particularly recommend these models:

  • Parlux Alyon®: The new professional experience. The most technologically advanced model of the Parlux range, ensures the highest level of performance, light-weight, long-life and usability
  • Parlux 3200® Plus: Redesigned for an even more professional experience, it is even extraordinary powerful and silent. Suitable for drying and styling any type of hair.
  • Parlux Ardent®: The Barber hairdryer designed for the most demanding barbers, with a "vintage" design with a "brushed graphite" finish.
  • Parlux Advance®: Traditional and technologically advanced, it presents a "futuristic" design. It allows for super-fast drying and energy savings
  • Parlux 385 Powerlight®:  A highly technological "touch of light" which is available in modern trendy colors to satisfy all hairdressers’ tastes

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What does it mean to choose Italian hairdryers

Buying a professional “Made in Italy” hairdryer, does not only mean choosing a well-known brand tool in the hairdressing tools industry, but also has a series of advantages that cannot be renounced.

Be able to count on products resistant over time

If you have just opened or renewed your salon, you need to spend some time before being fully re-invested. Replacing hairdryers shortly after opening would be a nuisance. For this reason, we always recommend relying on the quality of a “Made in Italy” product in order to use the hairdryers to their fullest potential for a really long time.

Having a fresh and linear aesthetic

Italy is the home of the world's most renowned designers: drying customers' hair with an elegant and refined tool will be even more pleasant. Furthermore, showing aesthetically appealing hairdryers will help to give character to the environment.  

Promote "Made in Italy"

By helping local trade, you’ll help spreading high quality products. Please avoid buying counterfeit hairdryers in any way:  you would put your customers' hair health at risk, as well as having a poor performing product!

Learn more: how to recognize an original Parlux hairdryer?

Have access to advanced technologies at affordable prices

As just mentioned, you should always demand good quality products for your hair health; but this does not mean having to spend a huge sum of money. A Parlux professional hairdryer is the perfect compromise.

By choosing Parlux, you will be sure not to fail and obtain the best Italian hairdryer.

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