Parlux ALYON®

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Parlux ALYON® is the new must have professional hairdryer, fruit of over 40 years of PARLUX experience in the sector of professional hairdryers for hairdressers.


Parlux ALYON® is designed to offer professionals a high-performance products that is light-weight, durable and can be used without limiting the hairdresser's creativity in any way. 

The new Parlux ALYON®, a name that evokes the meaning of power, is a combination of technology and innovation, two characteristics also expressed by its unique, prismatic finish. 

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HFS - Hair free system

Innovative "hair catcher" system

With a simple daily action it's possible to remove all the hair aspirated in the hairdryer.

A very easy operation that will give the hairdryer a better functioning and a longer lifespan.

alyon hfs
Two nozzles

Equipped with two nozzles of different sizes that can be quickly snapped on to regulate the air flow.
Included in the box.

bocchette alyon
Technical specification
Air flow

84 m³/h


2.250 watt

Anti-heating front body
Ergonomic design

Ultra-light weight, well balanced ergonomic design

New built-in-cable-holder
2 speed

3.000 hours

new heating element

Variable geometry heating element

"Air ionizer tech" ionic technology
HFS - Hair free system

Hair catcher HFS included

Cold air button
Soft Switches

2 soft switches

4 temperatures
  • Ergonomic design and balance weight Ergonomic design and balance weight
  • Strongest power and lifespan Strongest power and lifespan
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PARLUX MELODY SILENCER® for a salon without noice ( Patent pending)

PARLUX MELODY SILENCER® has been developed to be used on all the Parlux Hairdryers. By using a fast clip-on system allows a considerable reduction the noice of the hairdryers improving the salon confort.

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