Are you looking for a light-weight and powerful hairdryer? Choose these technologically advanced models


More and more professional hairdressers are looking for hairdryers which may make their work less tiring as possible, maintaining however, excellent performances even after several hours of work. All this is already a reality, and the best hairdryers on the market make everything much easier.

Getting to the end of the day without being completely exhausted has become a utopia? The solution is to find hairdryers whose weight does not negatively affect the operators’ wrist and arm and dry any type of hair in a record time.

Parlux produces extremely light and balanced hairdryers, with enough power to ensure a quick blow-dry, without damaging the hair with aggressive air flow

Which professional hairdryer to choose to get the perfect ally in your salon? Here are three of them, selected from the best of our range.

The most powerful models, but at the same time, very light-weight


Parlux Alyon®


With an evocative name that literally means "Rich and Powerful",

Parlux ALYON® is a concentrate of technology and innovation.

A power of 2,250 watts softened by Ionic & Ceramic Technology allows to dry hair quickly keeping it soft and shiny, eliminating frizz effect

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Parlux Advance®


One of the Parlux's best sellers models, the Parlux Advance®, with a power of 2,200 watts and an air flow rate of 83 m3/h continues to be considered a reference point in the professional hairdryer industry. Thanks to the lightening of the whole structure and components, it is now even lighter and at the same time much quieter.

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Parlux 385 PowerLight®


Besides the long life, feature which made Parlux the excellence professional brand for professional hairdryers, you’ll find the characteristics of power and lightness also in the Parlux 385 PowerLight® model. Its technology allows you to obtain a power of 2,150 Watts, without consuming too much energy, safeguarding the environment.

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The importance of light-weight

A too heavy hair dryer can not only be uncomfortable, often it is not very ergonomic, causing arm soreness after prolonged use, especially after very long work shifts. With what consequences?

Indirectly, a too heavy hairdryer can lead to try using it in the shortest time possible so as not to tire the arm too much, thus risking ending hair drying too early (especially if it is a low power model), or not dedicating the right attention to the hair styling.

The result would be inevitably little defined hair and an unsatisfied customer.


A high power suitable for any type of hair

If you think that such a powerful air flow can somehow damage your hair, don't worry: thanks to their advanced technology, the Parlux professional hairdryers will not do it, even with fine hair.

The hot air jet generated by our hairdryers is perfectly balanced, thanks to the motor and the range of compatible vents, to obtain a long lasting smooth or wavy hairstyle.

Thanks to the use of compatible diffusers, it is also possible to further dose the power to be able to style curly hair.

Which Parlux professional hair dryer is right for you?

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