Parlux 3800 Ecofriendly®

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Parlux 3800 Ecofriendly®  has the main characteristic of PARLUX "long duration", combined with high power, which offers the modern hairdresser comfort of use and a perfect balance of weight. Parlux 3800 Ecofriendly®  is designed to safeguard the environment and sustainable development and is therefore marked with the "Eco Friendly Product Parlux".


Guarantee 2.000 hours of operation for a superior performance.


Powerful: 2.100 watt, reducing the drying time and preserving the natural beauty of the hair.


Air Flow: 75 cubic meters/hours for a fast drying and energy saving.

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It has the built-in silencer which reduces the "noise" perceived by the hairdresser and the client.


It has the IONIC & CERAMIC® technological device, which is essential for healthy, static-free hair.


Use of highly recyclable materials – low-noise – fast drying to energy saving.

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Parlux 3800 Ecofriendly® brings to light the already know and appreciated characteristics of Parlux: less-noise (with built-in silencer) and well-balanced for a more comfort. Moreover the Parlux 3800 Ecofriendly® fast drying increasing energy savings and safeguarding the environment.

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Technical specification
Long Life:

2.000 hours

Air Flow:

75 m3/h


Instant cold shot button

2 speeds
Ionic & Ceramic® Technology

Technological device essential for healthy, static-free hair.


2.100 Watt

Incorporated Silencer
3,30 meters of strong cable
4 temperatures
Eco Friendly®

Low-consumption as guarantee of sustainable environment

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PARLUX MELODY SILENCER® for a salon without noice ( Patent pending)

PARLUX MELODY SILENCER® has been developed to be used on all the Parlux Hairdryers. By using a fast clip-on system allows a considerable reduction the noice of the hairdryers improving the salon confort.

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