Ricci Ri-belli: an innovative social project involving Parlux and the stylistic group Orea Malià


For a two months period, Parlux ADVANCE® hairdryers will accompany the female prisoners of the Bologna jail in a dedicated training course.

A training course, a workshop, a book and a film to document the way to the beauty, the education and the acquisition of hairstyle techniques for the female prisoners of the Bologna-Dozza jail.

This is the interesting project thought up and promoted by two local associations operating in Emilia-Romagna (Artemisia and Kinodromo) that involves also the stylistic group Orea Malià, a well-known brand of its market and also a famous hair salon, that in Bologna manages the first of its two other renowned hair salons in Milan.

During the two months, every Monday, will be allowed to some selected prisoners to follow a training course, aimed firstly to the recovery and the taking care of themselves (very often cancelled during detention) and secondly to the participation to a hairdressing course, a profession that could be learned and then exercised at the end of the detention period.

The instructors and the students participating to this course will be able to use, among the accessories made available by some important companies in the hairdressing industry, also some Parlux ADVANCE® hairdryers, the excellence model in the professional hairdressing world.

This hairdryer is the most beloved by hairdressers thanks to its technical features (power, lightness, quietness, excellent balance, Ionic & Ceramic System) and will be an excellent companion for training and maybe also for the working future of these hairdressers-to be.

This very unusual experience will be reported with photos, videos and maybe also with a theatre show to be made inside the prison itself, where the prisoners will exchange the roles of models and “coiffeuses” each other and will show what they have learned.

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