How is a hairdryer with professional diffusor made?


hairdryer with professional diffuser

You have just opened a hair salon or you are thinking about a renewal of all the equipment you usually use to be able to offer nice curly hair to your customers?

First, invest in a great hair dryer with a professional diffuser.

But how can you recognize the right one?

You will surely be aware of all the secrets of real professionals of curly and wavy hair care, of the correct shampoo, of the use of irons and plates to obtain beautiful hairstyles.

But do you exactly know the “must have ”features a hairdryer with professional diffuser should have?

Continue reading to discover it.

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Above all, the hairdryer

You do not recognize a professional hairdryer from its special shape (often some models of design are also the most technologically advanced) but especially from its technical features

  • Power: In the best professional hairdryers, power is an important indicator. A high power, which is measured in Watts, affects the jet of hot air, but it is necessary to control excessive heat.

Ideally it should range between 1800 and 2250 Watt

  • Air flow: it indicates the amount of the air pushed by the hairdryer; it is measured in cubic meters and is a determining factor in understanding how quickly you will be able to dry and prepare the hairstyle. The air flow must be between 50 and 84 cubic meters per hour;
  • Silent tool:  working with a very noisy hairdryer many hours per day, increase the stress , cause many discomforts and in some cases, may even damage your hearing.
  • A professional hair dryer works with a low volume, regardless of the power of the air jet

Weight:  A relatively high weight may become unbearable after long drying sessions. That's why a perfect balance of your hairdryer is very important for your health

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Choose the best diffusor for your professional hairdryer

Once you have chosen the most suitable professional hair dryer, you can choose the ideal diffuser. Together they will form the perfect pair to shape gorgeous curls and waves exactly as you wish

When you choose your diffuser, please be sure that:

  • It has a certified quality


  • It is suitable with the chosen hairdryer
  • It is  compatible with the chosen hair dryer and make the most of its features;
  • It Is light-weight  not to strain your arm even after many hours of work and not to unbalance the weight forward.

Our hairdryers with professional diffuser

Finally, let's look at some Parlux hair dryer models with the Parlux professional diffuser

Parlux ALYON® with the ALYON® diffuser

The new Parlux ALYON® shows an innovative , sophisticated and particularly ergonomic design.

Designing a hairdryer means also keep in mind design and chromography that must express well-being and joy in each hair salon. Equipped with the "AIR IONIZER TECH" technology, this model allows a quick and beneficial hair drying thanks to the combination of negative Ions and ceramics. The pair diffuser is especially created to maximize the performances of the professional hairdryer.

Parlux 3200®  Plus with diffusers

The most powerful and silent model of our range is also a very light hairdryer.

Parlux 3200® Plus  offers a new air intake which optimizes drying thanks to the increased air flow and high easy to handle possibility,  to the ergonomic grip and to the excellent balance as well as comfort of use.

You can pair this model with our universal diffusers, shower or supervolume.

Parlux ADVANCE ® with ADVANCE diffuser


Quiet and low-consumption, the Parlux ADVANCE® ensures excellent balance and extreme easy-to handle possibility.

The exceptional power of the new Parlux ADVANCE® allows hair drying and hair styling in a very short time, thus optimizing the electricity consumption.

Quiet and low-consumption, the Parlux ADVANCE® ensures excellent balance and extreme easy to handle possibility.

Parlux ARDENT® with universal diffuser

Our professional, vintage-design hairdryer with a "brushed graphite" finish includes a high-level technology satisfying the most demanding professionals. Its power combined with negative Ions ensures a quick hair drying with a soft and shiny hair result This model can be combined with our universal diffuser.

Did you choose the perfect professional diffuser hair dryer for your own business?

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