Whichever country you may visit, you’ll always find Parlux hairdryers

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The best hair salons in Jakarta are using Parlux ADVANCE® hairdryers only!

The “Made in Italy” Parlux products are distributed in more than 60 countries all over the world.

A great success for a company which, on the market since 1977, have been creating (this year they are celebrating their first 40 years of activity) and is continuously proposing, high quality tool and accessories for the hair world. That’s why they are distributed and used in many countries!

Several travel occasions abroad to some European countries as well as to other continents, from North to South are confirming this matter.

The wonderful hair salon Cay Cay, situated in the town centre of the Indonesian capital Jakarta, is equipping their co-operators with Parlux hairdryers. Due to the extremely professional, technical features and state-of-the-art improvements, this dryer allows for very quick and efficient dryings, is very powerful and  super lightweight, easy to handle and very colourful; in a word it fully satisfies all  professionals and customers needs.

At the elegant Jakarta’s Cay Cay salon, all workstations use the new silver graphite colour Parlux ‘ADVANCE’ hairdryer together with the ‘Melody Silencer’; a special, innovative product  invented by Parlux  which when attached to any Parlux hairdryer allows for 47%  noise reduction of the hairdryer while  in use.

Thus the  time spent in the hair salon will be much more pleasant and quieter  for both  customers and operators and their hearing will also be protected.

And not only that:   In Jakarta, some hairstylists, when working, often wear a little breathing mask; an additional protection to protect their own health and that of their customers.

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