What are the hairdresser's tools on which it is better to invest more?


Renewing or creating a business from scratch can be really expensive, when you consider the expenses that are needed for furnishings, hair products and all the tools of the trade. What are the investments that deserve the most attention?

For what concerns the choice of the hairdresser’s tools, which one is worth value in order to be sure to be able to work with long-life, high performance products?

The hairdresser's tools to invest in for dryings and styling

Professional hairdryer (diffuser and silencer included)

At the first place there is the hairdryer, absolutely the most important tool for a hairdresser. The tool that makes the difference between a customer who is enthusiastic about his look and one who perhaps will go to another hair salon next time. Of course, the talent and experience of each professional always plays a fundamental role during a hair styling realization, but when you invest in a light highly technological and silent professional hairdryer the result can only be better.

If your hairdryer presents ion technology and compatible accessories, including diffuser and silencer, your job will be done even better.


An example: Parlux Alyon® with the MagicSense® diffuser, the latest Parlux accessory

Curling irons

Waves are more in demand nowadays, especially among young customers who are often looking for hair looks similar to those of their favorite celebrities. More than ever, the curling irons should be present at every workstation in any hair salon and  be ready to shape any desired hair look. Which model is best to choose?

A good smooth curling iron with clamp is always the best solution. To be able to obtain textures of various types and having extra security, it is better to have different models that vary in diameter at disposal.


Round brushes cannot be missing and should be purchased in different diameters and sizes, suitable to all hair types. However, there are brushes and brushes: it is good to keep an eye on the materials from which they are made, to avoid the damaging of the most fragile hair.

The hairdresser's tools to invest in for hair cutting


Scissors are the top accessory of every hairdresser. In order to have a precise cut and to ensure a maximum sanitation level, scissors cannot be of poor quality at all, no compromise! If you need them, please look for specific left-handed models: comfort must never be missing!

Professional razor - clipper

To increase the number of customers, many hairdressing salons are also gradually converting themselves into barber shops, including more and more services dedicated to beards, moustaches and hair.

A professional electric razor is always the best choice for a fast and precise cut, ideal for men and for women.  Our suggestion is to invest in models that are ergonomic, powerful, silent and with a long cutting autonomy.


Now that you have the clearest ideas on the hairdressing tools that you should focus on, you just have to turn to the most reliable and professional suppliers.

If you want to choose the best hairdryers, curlers and clippers you can count on, we are at your disposal.


Please choose Parlux to have professional, reliable and performing tools.

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