UK 2008 - Parlux 3200 is the Best Hairdryer Salon

UK 2008 - PARLUX 3200

YourHair Award 2008

Plenty of international successes and rewards for Parlux hairdryers in 2008 too !

Three important English specific magazines and one well known web site, organizing their yearly “magazine Awards”, tributed their awards just to some Parlux models – gaining the title of “best product” or “best hairdryer of the year”.

Especially, professional experts and hairdressers of “Your Hair” chose the model Parlux 3200 Compact because its  1900 Watt power motor allows drying hair in really half time and because once you try it, you can’t use any other hairdryer !

For the magazine “Hair Magazine” the winner model is the newest Parlux hairdryer, the Parlux 3500 Supercompact, the most powerful, light and small among any other hairdryer.

“Instyle” (the UK’s best fashion celebrity magazine and website) decided that the Parlux Superturbo 3000 is the best sold product by salons.

All winner models already are the best sellers for the Italian company which elaborates, designs and produces professional quality hairdryers since 1977 exporting them in more than 60 foreing countries in the world.

These additional obtained awards confirm that the liability and quality of Parlux products are especially appreciated by professionals and hairstylists in the whole Great Britain.

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