Top hairdryers at Top Hair international in Duesseldorf

Top Hair international di Duesseldorf_1.jpg

The Parlux distributor for Germany, Fripack Medis, put on show at his booth, Parlux hairdryers and products for all to see,  for the first time ever in Germany, at the Duesseldorf Top Hair International show (with more than 400 exhibitors!) 

The latest Parlux product “Parlux 385 PowerLight®”, (displayed in eight different colors) was presented in such a way that hairdressers could clearly see and try the dryers enabling them to test and discover the light-weight and strong power which are very  important factors for their daily work.
In addition, the Eco-Friendly policy of Parlux products and logo (materials and packaging made with recycled plastic and paper as well as energy saving) impressed positively the German public who are very sensitive to this cause.  
Great success for the Parlux Melody Silencer, the new accessory which can be mounted on any Parlux hairdryer model and which reduces noise of the hairdryer while operating.
The Top Hair International is an event not to be missed next year.
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