Quality hairdryers in Jeddah


The famous “Made in Italy” hairdryers on show at the Beauty World Saudi Arabia 2018.

Once again, the wide range of Parlux products caught great attention and interest at the Beauty World Saudi Arabia, which took place in Jeddah last 14th-15th-16th October.

The well-known Italian brand which has been distributing in Saudi Arabia for many years is a very appreciated and desired brand by female professionals. In this country in fact, only female hairdressers can take care of other women hairstyles.

The Parlux professional hairdryers represent even for them the best tools on the market to obtain very quick dryings and perfect hair styles. The visitors’ interest in the different Parlux models on show at the Nazih Group booth (Parlux distributor for Saudi Arabia) confirms all that.

Specially built motors assuring lightweight and power, ergonomic design and internal devices, as that which emits negative ions and high quality production materials are some of the main features that mark any Parlux product.  On the market for over 40 years, they result to be the preferred ones by hairdressers all over the world, Saudi Arabian ones included.

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