Parlux is supporting charitable onlus

mission bambini 1 Eritrea

During 2017, the Milanese company will be supporting the onlus “MISSION BAMBINI”

Parlux is continuing their social commitment to charitable causes (the Italian brand is already one of the main sponsors of the famous charity annual event Alternative Hair Show in London).

During 2017 in fact, Parlux will be cooperating with “Mission bambini”, a charitable onlus initiated in the year 2000 aiming to really help children in need through different help projects, both in Italy and abroad.  Among them the local development of the territory, (even in emergency) hospitality projects, education (including the development of agriculture in autonomy) health and food safety services.

Sensitive to these topics, Parlux decided to cooperate and support the project “Contro la fame, coltiva la vita”, with a voluntary donation and with the direct promotion of events and specific devoted initiatives as well as communication activities to engage their audience also through the Parlux website and their social platforms.

On this purpose, the hashtag #coltiviamo la vita has been created; with it,  the Milan based company wishes to  involve and invite all their followers to participate with direct donations, which of course, will be entirely devolved to implement all projects regarding the above described programs.

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