PARLUX hairdryers: the barber shops love them!


High Power and light-weight, quick drying and efficiency are the main requirements of todays “hairdressers for men”

The modern day professional trends dedicate special interest to all the services pertaining to hair, beard and style in the hairdressing field for men.

The importance of the barber shops and of the job of the hairdresser for men has recently increased and has been followed by the opening of new very special salons.

One of these is the barber shop of Cosimo Campagna situated in Palermo.

Cosimo is one of the most experienced professionals in the field; he created different mens hair collections and is a teacher often proposing mens hair collections and seminar shows.

The Chairman of the jury at the “Barber Match” during the Festival dell’Acconciatura in Paestum (SA) the last weekend of October, is also an expert barber and is enthusiastic of the Parlux ADVANCE® hairdryer performances.

Speaking about this hairdryer, he says:

The Parlux ADVANCE® presents a modern, ergonomic design, is a technologically advanced tool, powerful and lightweight which allow hairdressers to work well without stress. I’ve always been using these hairdryers in my salon thanks to their very professional features. Personally I am using a Parlux ADVANCE® colour ice, but I like also the other different colourful versions which for sure would fit perfectly with the colour scheme of my salon.

I heartily advise all that don’t already know this model to use it.

 The Parlux ADVANCE® allows for quick  perfect hairstyling in all our ‘GROOMING’ services.

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