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Hairdressers, when buying PARLUX hairdryers, know perfectly that they are choosing professional products created with high technology standards, specifically made for professional use.

But many of them probably do not know that all this is the result of detailed studies and experimentations which involve many experts working in the research dept. of this famous Italian company. An example is the so-called,“mechanical hairdresser” working on PARLUXpremises… But what is this “mechanical hairdresser”?
It’s a “mechanical arm”  which does the same work as hairdressers do during their everyday work routine in salon. The dryer to be tested is mounted on this computerized tool and is forced to work many hours per day, registering faults or problems.
Mechanical, electrical and electronic parts of the dryer are then tested and any problem found can be bettered and solved immediately.
All PARLUX models undergo this particular tests and any others which supply information that assure reliable, long lasting, high professional tools to the hairdressers use. 
That’s why, perhaps, PARLUX dryers are considered “probably the most professional hair tools in the world” as can be read in their advertising slogan.
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