PARLUX: extraordinary hairdryers for hair salons all over the world

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Professionals of the industry love it because of its important specific technical features

Last 3rd-5th November the 20th edition of the main Spanish Beaty Trade Exhibition Salon Look, took place at the  IFEMA in  Madrid.

This was a very crowded fair where professional visitors could find the trendiest hair fashion styles and a series of technical services, new products and  accessories for their specific jobs.

On this occasion, the Parlux ADVANCE ® hairdryer was presented in great style at the booth of Fama Fabrè, Parlux distributor for Spain.

Its many colourful versions and the special, celebrative 2017 edition, called “Matt Blue 40 years”, available up until the end December this year which commemorates the first 40 years of Parlux, caught the attention of the vast public visiting that booth.

An extraordinary tool, especially devoted to the hairdressers intense use in hair  salons. In fact, this model, is extremely powerful, very lightweight, presents an ergonomic design and is long lasting.

Using the Parlux ADVANCE® you can obtain perfect, very quick hair drying and soft, shiny hair and not only;  

thanks to the correct, good balance of the tool as well as a very silent motor it causes less fatigue to the hairdresser and less disturbance to the ears of the customer

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