PARLUX at COSMOBELLEZA 2012, Barcelona

Lo Stand a CosmoBelleza 2012.jpg

Great interest and curiosity was shown for the Parlux Melody silencer and all other Parlux products at the 18th edition of Cosmobelleza, the trade fair held in Barcelona last Feb. from 11th to 13th;  an indispensable appointment for many professionals of the beauty, cosmetic, wellness and hair worlds.

For the hair industry, the Spanish exhibition was this year too, a meeting place for a lot of Spanish and foreign hair stylists.  Attending different live shows organized during this three-day event, they discovered the latest hair fashion trends (the most used hairdryers on stage being Parlux models !) and the latest  accessories for their daily work in salons.
The most appreciated of these items, was certainly the Parlux Melody Silencer, the new accessory that mounted on every Parlux hairdryer really reduces the noise of the working hairdryer. At the booth of the Spanish distributor, Messrs. Fama Fabrè, it was possible to test it together with other important Parlux models such as, The Parlux 3500 Compact, the Parlux 3800 Eco-friendly and Parlux 3800 Eco-friendly Flower.
Nowadays, protecting one’s own hearing as well as that of the customers and obtaining a quieter and more confortable working area are important aims that all Spanish professionals would also like to achieve.
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