PARLUX and their products explained to the ANAM students and teachers

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In Padua, an educational day to explain features and the history of the famous Italian brand

October 10th, Monday: ANAM hairdressing school.

A different, pleasant day for the young, future hairdressing students attending the appropriate educational course at the Padua training centre. In their technical and practical lesson schedule, also the PARLUX presentation and history: one of the most important and well- known companies in the world, producing professional hairdryers since 1977!

A very crowded classroom to listen and learn how a hair dryer comes to life and how PARLUX produce them. PARLUX produce their dryers considering all technical features in order to improve the everyday work and fatigue of hairdressers: from modern and ergonomic design to the structure, components and material. And obviously, valuation of model choice as well as the basic technical features to be able to create the ideal hairdryer: the perfect working companion of all hairstylists!

The students found the final, detailed description of the latest PARLUX model, the Parlux ADVANCE® particularly interesting. In fact, knowing that nowadays and in the future, there will be on the market, very powerful and lightweight hair-dryers, which are also less noisier, present an Ionic & Ceramic device and allow for very quick, reliable, creative hairstyling, can only allow them to dream of a brilliant future in their specific hairdressing field.

The ANAM teachers are also keen on PARLUX products:  with these hairdryers, which are modern and powerful professional tools -  the theory, together with the technical and practical lessons, many of these students could become top hairstylists capable of dealing well and efficiently with their own future customers or maybe, one day, showing their best hairstyles at the  main live hairdressing shows both in Italy and abroad.

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