PARLUX and their fight against counterfeiting

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The Italian trademark is armed with tenacity and commitment

For many years now, PARLUX  has been fighting a long strenuous battle against the counterfeiting of their products and registered trademarks.

The company’s legal department  is constantly checking and comparing hairdryers and logos found on the global market looking for identical or similar copies of original PARLUX products and if and when found are disputed and the counterfeiters prosecuted by law.

Unfortunately even after repeated verbal and written warnings against the illegal production and circulation of counterfeit products, this phenomenon continues to exist both in Italy and abroad.

It is important to know that producers and importers of counterfeit items  will be prosecuted by law. Also people who buy counterfeit items, even though purchased in good faith, will have to endure unpleasant and serious consequences.

All these facts and available information, should make people more careful and cautious thus cooperating to the elimination of  production, distribution and possession of such counterfeit products.

Just recently at the Alessandria Court House, Piedmont,  a criminal trial took place involving the illegal use and counterfeiting of the PARLUX trademark found on hairdryers coming from Asia.

They were imported illegally into Italy, detected and reported by an Italian Customs Officer.

Testimony from PARLUX technicians and a subsequent expertise evaluation allowed for the court to decide on what legal procedure to take regarding  the punishment of  both manufacturer and importer.

BE CAREFUL THEN: PARLUX products, brands, patents and accessories are protected and certified. Counterfeiting of them  is prohibited and condemned by law. Buy the REAL ORIGINAL ‘PARLUX’.

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Stefano written on

Buongiorno, volevo sapere se i prodotti che sono venduti su sono contraffatti o originali. Se fosse possibile, gradirei un link dell'account originale di Parlux su amazon, qualora esitesse.

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Parlux written on

Ciao Stefano. Ti abbiamo inviato una mail per rispondere alla tua richiesta. Buona giornata :) Parlux

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