PARLUX and the Italian ANAM Academy

IMG 1725

The Parlux ADVANCE® “Blue Matt 40 years” have been used by the students of the famous ANAM Academy during the present school year

Last May 29th in Padua, at the beautiful location called “Villa Italia”  a special school-closing day event, attended by almost 150 teacher and students of ANAM (Accademia Nazionale Acconciatori Misti) took place.

A nice full day event spent examining aims and results of the work done during the year, as well as having fun together! A particular fashion and hair style show in fact, was presented  and involved the students, both as hairstylists and as fashion models.

During the day, Parlux, the technical sponsor and tool supplier for the ANAM practical activities, offered samples of their most modern dryers, the Parlux ADVANCE®  2017 version (40th year anniversary)  to the best students.

The technical features of this hairdryer are highly appreciated by teachers and students because it is a really technologically advanced tool:  it presents a modern, ergonomic design, it is extremely powerful and lightweight, silent, good balanced and is produced with Eco- Friendly materials.

The perfect, indispensable work companion for many, future, potential hairstylists.

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