A new luxurious version of the hairdressers' most loved hairdryer

Parlux, leader in the international market of professional hairdryer, presents the Parlux ALYON® hairdyer in a new luxurious version: Parlux ALYON® GOLD EDITION, enriched with a 24k gold laminated ring.

Parlux ALYON®, a landmark in the world of professional hairdryer, designed to offer professional a high-perfoming, lightweight, durable item that does not limit a hairdresser's creativity in any way.

With increased duration (now reaching 3,000 hours and an air flow of 84 cubic meters/hour), the new K-Advance Plus® professional motor has been designed to guarantee outstanding professional performances, providing the highest levels of power and can withstand continued use in stressing work environments without power reductions.


Parlux ALYON® is Antibacterial, thanks to its special painting enriched with silver powder that creates an unfavorable surface to the proliferation of microorganism and helps mantain hygiene during use.
The antimicrobial treatments prevents the proliferation of bacteria but does not protect against the virus of the current health emergency.

The new Parlux ALYON® GOLD EDITION is available in two versions: Standard with two nozzles, "Pack" Parlux ALYON® + MagicSense® (included in the package the revolutionary diffuser for natural drying of curly hair).

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