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Immagine 2020 - Alyon + MagicSense

Even in the post-emergency phase, Parlux supports hairdressers from all over the world with a range of exceptional tools.

The health emergency that has caught everyone unexpectedly is not over yet, but the desire to return to normality, to one’s own usual professions and activities – fact that has never been missing – now seems to be imminent and more desired than ever.

Among the many professionals and operators who perhaps have suffered the most from detachment from their work, there are hairdressers who, far from their customers, have not been able to express their daily creativity.

To be able to create again perfect hairstyles when their salons are re-opened, hairdressers are going to have at their disposal new Parlux tools. Parlux is a company that has always dealt with the complete satisfaction of the customers’ professional needs, through innovative and cutting-edge appliances and accessories.

The Parlux MagicSense®, for example, is a revolutionary diffuser with a brand new design, having an optimal size and a special distribution of the holes which allows an ideal combination of quantity of emitted air and temperature, ensured by the new DFO system (Dynamic Flow Optimizer). This new diffuser guarantees a quick and perfect drying of curly hair without messing up whilst eliminating frizz. In addition, its 15 massage tips offer a pleasant relaxing sensation on the customer’s scalp.

The hair designers who have had the chance to test the MagicSense® diffuser find it extraordinary! It really facilitates the work in the hair salon: drying times are halved, the curls are well defined, the natural waves of the hair are easily shake, while the outer shell of this accessory, equipped with an anti-heating system, allows the operator’s use without the possibility of getting burned.                                  

MagicSense® is a Parlux product, which presents a rapid hook on for the Parlux ALYON® and Parlux ADVANCE® models. Its universal adapter, allows it to be used on other Parlux hairdryer models (excluding the Parlux 3500 and Parlux 385 models).

This latest Parlux product is sold both individually and in a precious box in a limited edition combined with Parlux ALYON®, the best seller of the professional hairdryers, a real concentrate of power and technology at the service of the hairdresser, now in its new Night Blue color.

Hair salons all over the world are appreciating this model very much, making it become a very successful one.


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