Parlux ADVANCE®, the excellent hairdryer


With excellent results, such as those achieved at the recent The Style Master show Revlon by the Italian Fulvio Furcas

The Style Masters International Awards, organized by Revlon Professional every year in a different European capital town, represent an exclusive platform for foreign hairdressers coming from many countries in the world and for them the possibility of express their creativity showing their best hairstyles.

Attending to these Style Master Awards means proposing hair styles focused by one special hair cut and colour which may turn to have three different styles.

In 2018 this event took place in Barcelona last June and registered the presence of 4000 hairstylist. Some of the most famous European hairstylists took part at the event, among them also the Italian hair stylist Fulvio Furcas.

He worked on stage using a Parlux ADVANCE® hair dryer and proposed his special hairstyle and it was so much appreciated by the jury of experts that it was rewarded among the first three Italian winners.

Undeniable is the imagination and the skill of Italian hairdressers but it is equally essential that to best express their artistic potential they could work with ultra professional, effective and reliable tools in any occasion, both in their salon and in competition.

Parlux hairdryers have being ensuring all this for over 40 years;
in particular the Parlux ADVANCE® model is a futuristic and quality hairdryer, made according to the most modern technology in the industry, very powerful and light that allows fast drying and excellent professional performances.

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