PARLUX ADVANCE® and MELODY SILENCER: a perfect duo for all hairdressers, especially hairdressers in Germany

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Top Hair International 2017: excellent organisation and a variety of educational and informative proposals for the domestic and International hairdressing world featured the German event which took place last March 26th-27th at  Dusseldorf  Messe.

The big booth organised by Messrs. Fripack, the German distributor for Parlux, the Italian Professional Hairdryer Manufacturer, was the destination of many professionals, who, after testing  the new Parlux ADVANCE® hairdryers, promptly bought them together with the Parlux Melody Silencer, the innovative accessory invented and produced by this Italian company.

In fact, it can be mounted on all Parlux hairdryers and can considerably reduce the noise of the working hairdryer.

The special technical features of these two Parlux products which are especially devoted to professional hairdressers are:-  (strong power, light weight, long-life, less noise, very good balance) and a wide range of existing coloured version together with the new 2017 colour ‘graphite’ and the limited edition, ‘Blue Matt’ only available for the year 2017 to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of PARLUX, really caught the attention of many professionals in the hair and beauty field.

 Top Hair International visitors searching for products and accessories pertaining to the natural and ecological environment  that could help protect and improve their own personal health and that of their customers, were very gratified and satisfied with products found at    this year’s show.

One of these much appreciated products was the ‘Parlux Melody Silencer’ due to the fact that it  reduces the noise of the normal working hairdryer considerably thus contributing to the creation of a quieter, much more comfortable and pleasant hair salon to the advantage of both customer and hairdresser.

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