PARLUX: 22nd International Distributors Meeting

22nd International Parlux Distributors Meeting.jpg

For some of the International PARLUX distributors, Bologna’s 2014 Cosmoprof edition was a special occasion for many International distributors to get acquainted with the main new products of the industry and, above all, to take part in the annual PARLUX gala dinner, which took place on April 5 at the Novotel, an occasion to meet and get to know each other.

Distributors of the famous Italian brand coming from many important European and non-European countries (e.g. Portugal, France, Spain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Sweden, Malta, Poland,USA, Israel, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Colombia, Egypt, Brazil, Hong Kong,  just to mention some - PARLUX products are distributed in more than 70 countries in the world) - had the chance to meet and exchange opinions and impressions regarding their market situation and strategies.
This nice, traditional appointment has been taking place for the last 22 years and always represents for Parlux, their staff and foreign distributors, a very appreciated and looking forward to event.
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