Paris: Parlux at the HAIR WORLD Championship Paris 2017


This modern hairdryer exceeded itself once again, together with the Italian team (ANAM hairdressers) by obtaining excellent results in the final stage of the Championship

The Hair World Championship 2017 was held in Paris on 17th-18th September and proved to be an outstanding event for Italy!!!    For the hairdressers competing in the  competition and for the hairdryer Parlux ADVANCE®, the professional excellence “Made in Italy” hairdryer supplied to all competing Italian  hairstylists  during the various individual and team category tests (ladies, gents creative, junior classic, junior technical, etc. etc.)  Personal talent and the use of a highly professional, light and powerful hairdryer, (innovative K-ADVANCE® motor, ergonomic design, very good balance) enabled  Miss Valentina Cantoni to win the “Gold Medal” in the individual “Commercial Bride Style”. 

Mr. Ivan Vinella also won a Gold Medal in the “Creative & Classic” competition while the entire Italian Team won the Team Gold Medal in the “Creative Classic” section.

The Parlux ADVANCE®  hairdryer thus confirmed the fact that it is the hairdryer to be used by hairdressers who wish to obtain successful professional results, both in hair salons and during important competitions.

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