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At Cosmoprof 2012, presented three novelty products 

This well-known, international exhibition in Bologna is always the best place for presenting any new products related to the hair industry. As in the past, Parlux presented three new hairdryers on this occasion:
Parlux 3800 Eco-friendly white.
Best-selling model and winner of many Awards as “Best Accessory” in many different countries, is now produced in the new WHITE version, and a new addition to the already existing five colors. 
Modern, technological and above all Eco-friendly, it is designed to take care of the environment and the health of hairdressers and customers. (recyclable raw materials containing no toxic substances, ozone-free, energy savings, very low noise)
This model is meant for the most demanding hairstylist thanks to its ideal size and its high power motor which allows very quick drying. The negative ions device and the inner silencer complete the already interesting features of the hairdryer.
Parlux 1800 Eco-friendly.
A simple, practical, high performing, energy-saving dryer.
It is especially designed for the hairdressers sensitive to the protection of the environment and sustainable development. It is the model which shows the best eco-compatibility ratio.
All these Parlux Eco-friendly products are easily recognizable for:

- Energy saving
- Produced with recyclable raw materials and no-toxic substances
- Packaging and promotional materials made out of biodegradable recycled paper.

Superturbo HP
It is the most powerful professional tool (2400 Watt), made using the frame of another famous Parlux hairdryer, the Parlux 2600. It was created to satisfy the professional hairstylists needs working in areas where the population has strong, wiry hair.
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