LONDON, Salon Intl 2011, Parlux is always on TOP

Londra - Salon 2011_6.jpg

Also at Salon International held in London on the 15th-17th October at the Excel Exhibition Centre, all Parlux “made in Italy” products proved to be the most used and loved by English hair salons.

As per usual, the public on visiting the ”Hair Tools” booth (the importer for Great Britain) showed keen interest and enthusiasm when, testing and trying various products, especially the Parlux 3800 eco-friendly hairdryer – light, powerful, versatile and eco-friendly. But what really took the show was the new Parlux revolutionary product, the “Melody Silencer”, which when attached to any of the already existing Parlux hairdryers reduces, by a good margin, the normal working noise of the hairdryer. This obviously helps to reduce the overall noise in hair salons. 
At the end of the first exhibition day, the Melody Silencer was completely sold out.
This year too, the live shows organised by many important hairstylist groups, e.g. Hob Salons, British Hairdressing Fellowship, Easton Regal, National Hairdressers’ Federation, were featured by the use of Parlux hairdryers, especially the Parlux 3200 C&I and the Parlux 3800 Eco-Friendly.
At this point, it goes without saying that Parlux hairdryers are a “must” for all hairdressers whether it be in everyday salons, on stage, during workshop and last but not least during International Hair Styling Competitions.
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