In Thailand, knowing and using the PARLUX hairdryers


The Thailand PARLUX distributor, Caring Ltd., organized in Bangkok,  at the Mall shopping Centre, a professional course for hairdressers to demonstrate the most trendy drying and styling techniques.

Great importance, during this event, was given to the technical qualities and effectiveness of Parlux hairdryers, the well-known “made in Italy” brand, as their main advertising slogan says: “probably the most professional hairdryer in the world”.
A large audience of hairdressers carefully took part, with great interest, in the presentation of the different Parlux models that for them is the ideal tool for their daily work in salons thanks to their professional, technical features. 
They allow very quick and perfect drying, are lightweight and have an extremely light and powerful motor, a perfect balance and ergonomic design, using Eco-friendly materials.
The people present were invited to try the proposed dryers, for their own hairstyling thus verifying that what they say about PARLUX products is true.
Convinced and satisfied with the proven qualities of these hairdryers, they have surely now become PARLUX ustomers.
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