How to clean your hairdryer and keep it at its best: our tips


We could count on the fingers of one hand the times we remember to clean our hairdryer. But the hair stuck in the filter and the accumulation of dust may undermine its proper functioning. How to clean the hairdryer then? Here are the Parlux tips for a hairdyer that is always at maximum performances.

While drying your hair, has it ever happened to you to hear a light crackling and a bad smell like burning?  Well, some hair is getting stuck in the hairdryer. This is a common situation but you have to keep your hairdryer cleaned. You did it, didn’t you?


How to clean your hairdryer in three simple steps

The hairdryer should be cleaned regularly to preserve the functionality and life of the hairdryer. Over time, in fact, dust and hair get stuck in the filter which, if clogged, causes a drying malfunction.

Here’s how to clean the hairdryer in a proper way: 

  • unhook the filter holder of the hairdryer

  • Pull the filter away and clean it with a soft fiber brush and rinse it

  • Let the components dry before reassembling the hairdryer.


A couple of precautions for hairdryers always at the top

As you see, cleaning a hairdryer properly is not complicated at all. However you can follow these additional precautions to get sure to be using a tool which can work at best and that does not affect the health of your hair.

First of all, after you have dried your hair, always store the hairdryer in a well-protected place, for example inside a cabinet where it will stay away from dust.

Even when you’ll be using it, please remind not to keep it too near to your hair: in this way it is less likely that they will be caught in by the hairdryer (especially if they’re long) and that they will burn.


Parlux: hairdryers easy to clean

In the last years, there has been greater attention to hairdryer care, to ensure a longer life to the hairdryer.

Parlux has come up with the HFS system Hair Free System (Patent Pending), which is able to catch and collect hair, keeping the hairdryer cleaner and efficient.

You‘ll need a few, simple gestures to remove hair from your hairdryer:
come-pulire-il-phon HFS device is integrated in the Parlux ALYON®, the model that is the new reference point in the professional hairdryer industry.
  • K-Advance Plus motor
  • With Air Ionizer Technology
  • 3.000 hours  life
  • 84 m3/h air flow

Are you looking for an easy-to-clean hairdryer?

Choose Parlux!

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