Fondazione Clerici and Accademia del Benessere: Parlux Academy in Milan

Foto evento Clerici 024

Learning, expressing one’s own creativity, improving and specializing in the hairstyling art are the goals which students and professionals will achieve attending this academy.

Fondazione Clerici, a professional training institution in the Lombardy region, opened in Milan its first Accademia del Benessere proposing two different training courses, one devoted to Make-up and one to hairstyling. Just in this section, the Parlux Academy takes shape. Successfully inaugurated last October 8th and directed by Alessandro Ligorio, this Academy is devoted to all those wishing to deepen their skills in hairstyling.

Parlux, International brand recognized all over the world by hairdressers as “the best professional hairdryer”, in this academy provides its most modern advanced technology hairdryers and tools, so that students can best express their own skills and creativity. Hairstylists and stylistic groups that are part of the teaching body will be able to ensure the best theoretical, practical and creative training.

The beautiful images on the walls of the Hair section of the Academy are taken from the Twins collection realized by Threedom Group, one of the new Parlux stylistic partners whose protagonists are Matteo Stach and Manuel Zapparoli.

Paolo Parodi, Parlux founder and CEO said: “I am very proud to be part of the education of future young talents and I am convinced that Fondazione Luigi Clerici as our partner is a warranty for extremely qualified courses where students will be able to reach a high educational level as well as professionals will improve their job”.

The new Parlux ALYON® hairdryers will be protagonists of the practical and theoretical training of future hairdressers and of all those wishing to deepen their skills in this area.

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