Fulvio Furcas - Milano, Italy.jpg

This year some Italian and foreign salons prepared their Christmas tree using 
… many colourful Parlux hairdryers!
That’s the case of Fulvio Furcas, hairstylist in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan) whose salon presents now a Christmas tree full of many Parlux 3500 hairdryers…

This idea has been realized also by Coiffure Valentino an hairstylists group working in Switzerland. They prepared an usual, great, beautiful Christmas tree made of… boxes containing the very new “The Flower of Parlux” hairdryers which stands in the big shop window of one of their salons in the centre of Zuerich.

Again, an important Argentinian salon, the Elite Studio of San Isidro, Buenos Aires prepared a big Christmas tree full of … boxes containing Parlux 3500 Supercompact hairdryers.

The attention of visitors and customers is easily caught and the surprising effect is that they ask to see, touch and test the hairdryers and afterwards they decide to buy the professional hairdryers chosen by the hairstylists … and an unusual, nice, Christmas present !

Furcas and Valentino, both Artistic directors of Furcas parrucchieri and Coiffure Valentino group say: “Customers ask for information about the hairdryers with whom we create their hairstyles, want to know their technical features and why we easily and quickly dry the hair without spoiling it” 

“A new way to decorate Christmas trees and increase the sale of Parlux hairdryers!

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