K-Lamination: Parlux motors are great!

Motore K-Lamination_1.jpg

The K Lamination motor, used in Parlux hairdryers, has been recently improved thanks to the continuous research and innovative ideas of the Parlux Technicians.
The now new K Lamination motor offers revolutionary up-dating of existing electrical and mechanical components, reducing its weight and heat.
Thanks to the diminution of the friction in the motor, the new copper wiring and the commutator, this new lighter, longer-lasting motor does not over-heat and even consumes less energy.
All Parlux hairdryers are now made with this new K Lamination motor.
For the hairdressers this means that they will be using a safe, very light, long-lasting and eco-friendly hairdryer.
Parlux, once again, lives up to its reputation in the professional hairdressing field by offering their customers products of first class innovative quality.

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