Which hairdryer to choose? Here are the hairdryers that might be right for you


The hairdryer is an essential accessory in our life, especially if you cannot go to a hair salon every week. But which hairdryer should you choose best to comfortably dry your hair at home obtaining a perfect result? Here is a short guide to the best Parlux models for envious hair.

The first step in choosing the right hairdryer is to understand which hair type we have to dry: is it smooth or curly? Long or short? Is it frizzy? And what about beard and moustaches? In fact, there are hairdryers models for almost any kind of hair: it depends on it whether to choose a powerful hairdryer, an ion technology one or adding certain accessories, such as diffusers and nozzles.

Here are the best Parlux models suitable for any hairstyle


Hairdryers for long hair

Long hair needs a special drying care; for this reason, choosing an ion technology and ceramics hairdryer is the best idea. Negative ions divide water into smaller particles, in order to speed up drying, while the ceramics keeps the temperature constant so as not to damage the hair.

The Parlux models with Ionic & Ceramic technology are:


Parlux Alyon®

hairdryer alyonEquipped with the Air Ionizer Tech technology, Parlux Alyon® is one of the most innovative hairdryer;  it’s ideal for long and delicate hair

Power: 2250 Watt

  • Variable geometry resistance
  • K-Advance Plus® new professional motor
  • Antibacterial Technology (available in the Night Blue version only)



Parlux Advance®

hairdryer advanceIt is among the most popular and appreciated hairdryers for those with curly and rebellious hair because, accompanied by the special diffusers, it offers professional-proof hairstyles

  • Power: 2200 Watt
  • K-Advance® motor - high power and long-life
  • Ionic&Ceramic® technology to fight the static electricity of the hair
  • Low noise pollution and low energy consumption thanks to the Parlux EcoFriendly® technology


Hairdryer to dry curly hair

Applying a diffuser to your hairdryer is a must if you have curly hair.

This accessory allows it not to receive heat directly because it diffuses the air on the whole hair surface.

To this purpose, the models to consider are:


Parlux ALYON & MagicSense®

hairdryer alyon and magic sense

Ergonomic and well balanced, the Parlux ALYON hairdryer & MagicSense® has become the reference product in the professional hairdryer industry, successful result from more than 40 year researches in the industry.

  • Ideal power: 2250 Watt
  • Equipped with the MagicSense® professional diffuser
  • Air Ionizer Tech technology optimizing the negative ions emission 
  • Antibacterial Technology (available in the Night Blue version only) 



Parlux 3200® Plus

hairdryer parlux 3200 plus

A powerful model with a cold air instant jet. You can add a nozzle and a diffuser to the Parlux 3200 Plus so that to carefully dry hair and show the desired styling.

  • Power: 1900 Watt
  • New air intake concept with increased air flow (73m3/h)
  • Instant cold hair activated by microswitch
  • 4 temperatures 2 speeds 



Hairdryer for beard and moustache

hairdryer ardent

Sometimes we forget that even the beard and moustache need to be carefully dried.

In this case, the perfect model is the Parlux Ardent®, the hairdryer for modern barber shops:

  • Power: 1800 Watt
  • Air Ionizer Technology with negative ions
  • New professional motor AC
  • Comfortable for left-handers. 


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