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Do you risk waking up the whole neighborhood if you dry your hair in the evening? Or do you work in a salon and your ears ring at the end of the day? It is probably because you are not using a silent hair dryer, such as the Parlux ones. Discover all the models on this page.

In addition to disturbing those who are sleeping if you dry your hair late at night, the noise of the hairdryer can be annoying, especially for hairdressers who are exposed to the hum of the hairdryer from morning to evening.

This problem can be easily solved with the use a very quiet hairdryer.


How many types of silent hairdryers do exist?

The hairdryers work thanks to a motor that generates a flow of hot air due to the internal fan. This mechanism can result in unwanted noise. Thanks to technology it is possible to optimize the entire mechanism to reduce this noise, in order to create professional hairdryers that are light, ergonomic and also extremely quiet.

Here are some examples:


Parlux Alyon®


It is the most silent lightweight and ergonomic hairdryer in the Parlux range: Parlux Alyon® is a very quiet hairdryer most appreciated by professionals and consumers.

  • New motor K-Advance Plus®
  • New variable geometry heating element 
  • Ideal power 2.250 Watt
  • Air flow 84 m3/h


Parlux 3200 Plus®

asciugacapelli-silenziosissimoThe perfect mix of design and technology: the technological restyle of the Parlux 3200 Plus®, in fact, not only lightened all the components, but also enhanced drying, making it faster and less noisy

  • Proven K-LAMINATION® motor by Ciaramella
  • Longer life and more power
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Power 1.900 Watt
  • Air flow 71 m3/h

Parlux Advance®

asciugacapelli-silenziosissimoTests carried out together with the most famous hairstylists have resulted in the Parlux Advance® a hairdryer that is light, ergonomic and extremely silent.

  • Motor K-Advance®
  • Ionic & Ceramic® technology
  • Power 2.200 Watt
  • Air flow 83 m3/h


Parlux 3800 Ecofriendly®


Designed to meet the needs of professionals and, at the same time, protect the environment, the Parlux 3800 Eco-Friendly® fully enters the top five of the extremely quiet hairdryers.

  • Ionic & Ceramic Technology®
  • Eco Friendly® Parlux Product
  • Power 2.100 Watt
  • Air flow 75 m3/h


Even more silence with Parlux Melody Silencer®

Did you think it was it all? There is also the Parlux Melody Silencer®, the silencer to be hooked to the suction of the hairdryer to reduce noise thanks to the Parlux Patent Pending system. 

Just hook it to your hairdryer to make it super silent!


Discover all Parlux models

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