PARLUX, undisputed protagonist at Hair BRASIL 2012


For your benefit and the benefit of the environment” has been a new,  interesting, promotional initiative proposed by Parlux and their local distributor CEMEL Ltda. on the occasion of the 11th edition of the trade show Hair Brasil 2012,  held in Sao Paolo last March.

A warm invitation to professional visitors to bring with them to the Parlux booth an old hairdryer of any brand-name to be confiscated, destroyed and substituted with a new Parlux hairdryer at a discount of 50 Reals.
A free cleaning service of Parlux hairdryers was also at disposition.

This successful idea was aimed at innovating the Brasilian market with new-up-to-date modern Parlux products such as those of the Parlux 3800 Eco-friendly line as well as satisfying the needs of those hairdressers who are particularly sensitive to the environment protection.

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