Parlux at InterCHARM, Milano

PARLUX a interCHARM - Milano_1.jpg

Parlux, the famous Italian company, could not miss out at being at this year’s “InternCHARM Milano” show, a much more important event due to the presence of the individual world hairdressing championship.
 During the 3 day event, at the FieraMilanoCity dedicated to the hair and beauty world, the Parlux booth was visited by numerous hairdressers and experts pertaining to that world. There, they were able to see and discover all the Parlux products especially the new 3800 eco-friendly dryer and the new incredible Parlux Melody Silencer, a revolutionary product. This silencer, when attached to any of Parlux hairdryers, reduces the noise caused by the working dryer thus protecting stylists and customers hearing ability.
The Parlux booth was equipped with a sound-proof room where it was possible to test the effect of this Melody Silencer on the spot.
Parlux is more than often present at most worldwide, important hair shows including of course Italy. During this show in particular, the Parlux 3800 eco-friendly model was used by many of the 500 competitors from 35 countries with incredible satisfactory results.
This confirms the fact that Parlux hairdressing products are the most used and reliable instruments for international hairdressing competitions.

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