Parlux ALYON®: a successful hairdryer also at Salon International London!

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This event is always very crowded with professionals of the industry coming from all over the world.

Salon International took place at the London exhibition centre ExCel and it represents an annual “must have” appointment for hair stylists, famed International hair styling groups, teachers and educators, producers and distributors in the hair industry.

For those who love the hair world and above all for professionals, discovering the most trendy hairstyles as well as any new products in the hair field is a tradition and a pleasant necessity which may improve one’s one personal and professional growth.

Here are some of the impressions gathered on October 13-14-15 during the London event near the Parlux booth at the Hair Tools space (Parlux distributor for Great Britain) on the occasion of the official presentation of the Parlux ALYON® professional hairdryer, the new Parlux product 2018.

 “This is an extraordinary hair dryer” said Sally, hair salon owner in Bournemouth. “It is an extremely powerful, lightweight and easy-to-use hairdryer. In my salon we have been using only Parlux hair dryers for years. I find this model even much more interesting for my job”.

John, young aspiring hairdresser coming form Liverpool, said: “The HFS system in this model is a real innovation in this field. I’ve never seen a hairdryer having an internal device which can keep hair...Very good idea! The tool will be cleaner and long-lasting!”

“Drying quickly the hair of my customers and at the same time obtain soft, bright hair? Using a Parlux hair dryer I can do it, thanks to a new inner device called Air Ionizer Tech which emits negative ions” said Elisabeth, hair stylist in an important hair salon in Edinburgh.

Simple and clear statements showing how much the technical and production qualities of Parlux professional hairdryers are appreciated; they really are true allies in the daily job of hairstyling professionals.

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