New Parlux ALYON® and Parlux ARDENT®: The excellence of hairdryers at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2018

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The two new Parlux professional products were presented during the international trade fair appointment.

At Cosmoprof Worldwide 2018, in a huge exhibition area dedicated to Parlux, many visitors, professionals, customers and passionate could know and appreciate the two brand new products in the hairdressing accessories world: the hairdryers Parlux ALYON® and Parlux ARDENT®.

Their poster photographs and videos invited everyone to stop and “touch with their hands” their effectiveness.

Parlux ALYON® is the new excellence professional product: long lasting (3,000 hours of work), powerful (2.250 Watt), lightweight and easy to handle, it allows an excellent and effective drying and optimal performances in any hair salon. With its modern and ergonomic design and its prismatic shape, Parlux ALYON® is available in 8 new colours. Moreover, it’s equipped with an innovative K-ADVANCE Plus® motor with a new variable-geometry resistance and also with the “Air Ionizer Tech” technology, that optimizes the emission of negative ions and guarantees a quick drying that keeps hair soft and shiny thanks to the elimination of static electricity.   

Another important brand new feature is the “hair catcher” system HFS (Hair Free System- patent pending) that placed on the back holder catches and keeps hair away from the motor, in order to keep the device cleaner, improving its efficiency and its life period.

The other new product of the year, Parlux ARDENT®, is the first “Barber Concept” Parlux hairdryer, expressly dedicated to barber shops. Practical and lightweight, vintage-designed and highly technological, it’s uniquely available in the “brushed graphite” version. It’s equipped with a new variable-geometry resistance engine with 1.800 Watt of power and also with the “Air Ionizer Tech” technology which optimizes negative ions emissions and guarantees a quick drying that keeps hair soft and shiny thanks to the elimination of static energy: ideal features to style hair, beard and moustaches.

Both new hairdryers are made respecting the “Eco Friendly” philosophy, followed since long time by Parlux (zero dangerous emissions, recyclable materials and packaging, energy saving devices), and can be equipped with the Parlux Melody Silencer, (able to reduce the working hairdryer noise until 47%) as well as with the dedicated diffusers, according to the needs requested by the desired hair style.

Because of the social dimension of Parlux, an area of its huge exhibition stand at Cosmoprof has allowed to the visitors who wanted it to take nice “selfies” with the two new hairdryers and then to post them on their favourite social media.

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