The preferred one in Europe!

During the month of April many hairdressers and professionals in the professional hairdressing field took part, in various towns of the Czech Republic and in Slovakia, to the presentation of different  spring/summer hair trends for 2016.

These events organized by the local PARLUX distributor, ‘Beauty Service Group’, were featured by the use on stage, of the very new Parlux ADVANCE® hairdyers.

The latest new 2016 product of the famous Italian manufacturer Parlux, this indispensable hairdryer is particularly powerful and light (thanks to its innovative motor ‘K-ADVANCE®2200 Watt) and  is soon becoming the one preferred both by hairdressers using it daily in their hair salons, and  by those hairstylists who, when working on stage during exhibitions, need a powerful dryer that guarantees very quick drying and maximum reliability.

These two factors are the main technical features of this Parlux ADVANCE® hairdryer together with others such as the perfect ergonomic design, the Ceramic and Ionic device, the silencer, the anti-heating frontal body, the SOFT switches for more comfort when in use and last but not least, the Eco-Friendly production and packaging material

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